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Car Show: Bob Pool "Orphan" Car Show

Bob Pool "Orphan" Car Show

Yellow Springs, OH
Saturday, September 24, 2016
Photos by: Bob Trinkle

The Tri-State Chapter Studebaker Drivers Club and the Wright Brothers Region Packard Auto Classics co-hosted the 20th Annual Bob Pool "Orphan" vehicle show Sept. 24 at the Young's Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs.

The show featured cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and specialty vehicles from independent manufacturers that are no longer in business and "Big Three Orphans" such as Edsel, DeSoto, Corvair, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, etc. Every American and foreign make from Auburn to Yugo were welcome to attend and be displayed.

This year we had a "Feature Car" class, and selected British Orphan Cars for the class.

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