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Car Show: Stahls Automotive Museum

Stahls Automotive Museum

Chesterfield, MI
Saturday, December 3, 2016
Photos by: Bob Steinhaus
This was quite an experience which ranged from music to cars and then to the related memorabilia. Located in an modest office/light manufacturing building is a diverse collection of about 100 cars and trucks ranging from the early 1900 thru the 1960’s. But the start of the tour is the most unusual; walking thru a showroom of Wurlitzer Juke boxes, pipe organs and a rare according organ, and all playing beautifully.
The cars were all specular;  including a 1937 Packard Woody Station Wagon was pulling a matching Packard camping trailer which in 1937 the trailer alone sold for $3,000, the price of several average homes. More live organ music followed us thru the overhead signage, outboard motor displays, past the mechanized elephant and into a Big Boy Drive-in Restaurant reproduction.
On the way we pasted an early Shelby Cobra 427 in raw but polished aluminum. Stunning in itself and having only 40 miles on the odometer was a surprise. So was listing it it start an run. Al tough a “stock Shelby” it sounded like no other 427, it did not purr at idle, but growled in an ever increasing roar. 600 horses easy with  very hi-flow heads. Enjoy the pics!
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