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Car Show: Cernak Buick Car Show

Cernak Buick Car Show

Easthampton, MA
Saturday, October 15, 2016
Photos by: Walt Smolenski

Back in October, 2016 our local Buick dealership, Cernak Buick, held their annual All-Buick Show. I lost my pictures but was able to come up with them just recently and even though it was last year I decided to share them with you. Back in 1970, I bought my first new car at this dealership. It was unlike anything that they had sold before - a 1970 GS 455" Stage-1 w/4-sp. When it came in and they got it ready for me to pick it up after I got out of work, they had it parked in from of the dealership and 7 people tried to buy it from them before I got over there. I had it until 1975, had put on 160K miles and spent more time in gas lines for a period of time due to the gas crisis than I did driving it. I raced it at Lebanon Valley Dragway, turning 12.6s and 12.70s @ 105-107 MPH. It's the one I wish I still had - a fantastic car.

Hope you enjoy these pictures!

Still a Buick fan as my everday car is a 3.8 Buick LaCrosse!

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