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Car Show: Pumpkin Run Car Show

Pumpkin Run Car Show

Upper Township, NJ
Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Photos by: Ben Deutschman

The event many thought was gone for good, Pumpkin Run, was in fact simply moved to a town that welcomed it with open arms: Upper Township New Jersey.

Due to issues with Egg Harbor Township, the gentleman who started the Pumpkin Run moved it to Upper Township New Jersey, who welcomed the event and made Amanda’s Field available for the event.

Despite the move, word got out quickly about the new venue, and the event was packed as always. In addition to the Show, there were the usual Steam Tractors on hand, running about part of the field, and a Swap Meet.

The only thing some said about this year’s Pumpkin Run was that the flavor of the event wasn’t the same, due to the new venue, but we all THANK Mr. Fleming for putting the time and effort into securing the new venue, so Pumpkin Run could be held again in 2017.

There are rumors that Mr. Fleming is addressing the issues that caused him to have to move the event to Upper Township, and that the 2018 event will be back at Flemmings Auto Salvage in Egg Harbor Township New Jersey. Either way, Pumpkin Run still a great event, and once again, THANK you Mr. Fleming, also Upper Township, and the Show Staff for making this event possible.

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