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Car Show: Grand National Roadster Show 2019 AMBR Contenders

Grand National Roadster Show 2019 AMBR Contenders

Pomona, CA
Friday, January 25, 2019
Photos by: Andreanna Ditton

The 2019 Grand National Roadster Show opened with 14 beautiful roadsters in contention for the prestigious AMBR award.  While the styles and artistry are different, for the most part the manufacturer (FORD) was not. (Just don't tell that lone Buick Touring.

The show itself is set to be a stellar celebration of the art of hot rot design and manufacturer, along with a look back at some of the unsung heroes of the classic era including the Model A, which has a whole exhibit dedicated to it in Building 7 along with some iconic AMBR winners of the past.

Be sure to check it out, along with the Trophy Girl Contest run by Mitzi Valenzuela, the Chip Foose retrospective, and of course the weekend drive-ins. Stay tuned to HotRodHotline on Sunday when we report the AMBR winners.

Here are the contenders:

1932 Ford Roadster -- Chad Adams

1932 Ford Roadster -- Andrew Bowen

1932 Ford Phantom -- Gary Corkell

1930 Ford Roadster -- Ray Enos

1927 Ford T-Touring -- John Evans

1932 Ford Roadster -- Jim Gorro

1929 Ford Roadster -- Jim Grant

1933 Ford Roadster Tim Kerrigan

1932 Ford Roadster -- Clifford Mattis

1932 Ford Roadster -- Steve Moal

1932 Ford Roadster -- George Poteet

1924 Buick Touring -- Ryan Rivers

1933 Ford Phaeton -- Tom Sargis

1932 Ford Roadster -- Cory Talbert

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