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Car Show: Atlantic Nationals Car Show

Atlantic Nationals Car Show

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Wednesday, July 4, 2018

This was the 18th year for the Nationals held July 4-8 2018. This show has everything cruise-ins at various sponsors and dealerships, 4 hour country cruise, with no shortage of great food, cars, scenery, big downtown Moncton show, from from 8am to 7pm, with live music, a two day show at Centennial park and more downtown cruising on Saturday night. Sunday is award day, with a chance to win a 1966 El Camino, professionally built. For five days you just see car after car cruising around. I drove my 1940 Dodge pickup to the show and truly enjoyed the drive, about 18 hours each way. We had about 10 cars at our hotel, so there was always lots of stories, polishing, etc. and as usual we had fun. If you have a car that you want judged, you must go through both the NSRA and Atlantic Nationals safety lanes, which I did and passed. I participated in everything they had on the schedule. You seem to be always going someplace, but when you line up at midnight to get into the downtown show and 4 am each day for the main show in the park, well needless to say it was great but very tiring. This gallery starts Thursday morning at a free breakfast, the country cruise, the downtown show and the two days in the park. Would I go back, YES!

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