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Car Show: Lincoln and Cadillac Car Show

Lincoln and Cadillac Car Show

Lakewood Country Club - Lakewood, CA
Sunday, February 17, 2019
Photos by: Roger Rohrdanz

The country club is the proper place to stage a Cadillac and Lincoln car show. The Cadillac was named after French explorer Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur deCadillac, who also founded Detroit! Cadillac was notorious for the size of their “tailfins”, added in 1948 and reached their pinnacle in 1959 and disappeared by 1965. Yes, the Lincoln Motor Company was named after President Abraham Lincoln.

Through the last several weeks the rain has limited golf and most of the car shows. Only a few “die hard” car enthusiasts want to brave the weather with their “pride and joy”. The last few days have been predictably clear so a few are venturing out to car shows. The show cars are normally parked on the grass, but the soggy ground was not able to support the cars. A nice, tree lined parking lot was used. As the gorgeous, luxury land yachts arrived they were escorted to their assigned parking places. These giants of a bye gone era were well worth the time spent at the show.

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