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Car Show: Henry Ford Museum

Henry Ford Museum

Dearborn, MI
Sunday, March 17, 2019
Photos by: Bob Steinhaus

If you ever have the opportunity to tour a large manufacturing factory, do it. The first part of my tour of the Ford Rouge River plant was an amazing. This is the only plant that makes the F-150 truck at the rate of a new one exiting for shipment every 52 seconds, sorry no photos were allowed. The second part of my tour was a visit to the Henry Ford Museum which is located on the grounds of the historic Greenfield Village grounds. The museum and the village are one of the highest rated historic attractions in the nation. My time in the museum was too short, so I just visited part of the car exhibits. Of particular interest was the Presidential Limousines exhibit from Teddy Roosevelt's horse drawn carriage (did not want that new-fangled automobile), FDR, Eisenhower, and finally the infamous Lincoln in which John F. Kennedy rode while in Dallas, Texas on that fatal day. Most of the limos served up to six different presidents during their times in office before being taken out of service. Pictures of the exploded views of a Model T and learning that workers at Ford were required to speak and understand English and there was a school giving a graduation degree awarded upon completion. Enjoy the pics!

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