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Car Show: Lone Star Throwdown

Lone Star Throwdown

Conroe, TX
Friday, February 22, 2019
Photos by: Allen Smith

The Lone Star Throwdown is a premier automotive event held in Conroe, Texas at The Lone Star Convention & Expo Center. The event has grown so big over the years that organizers only allow 2000 pre-registered participants into the event which takes place over the course of three days.

The whole convention and expo center inside and out is entirely covered in a vast assortment of custom trucks, Jeeps, 4x4’s, hot rods, classic cars and a wide variety of other motor madness. There are cars and trucks so low that it will blow your mind by the fabrication it takes to accomplish this. Equally as impressive is the trucks and Jeeps lifted so high they could give you a nose bleed and take you to school with a geometry lesson. Everybody loves the old school hot rods and the timeless classics which are sure to stir up some fond memories.

Fortunately the show is for three days because you will need the time to see all the amazing rides covering the sprawling acreage of the fair grounds and to visit well over a hundred vendors participating at the Lone Star Throwdown. The judges definitely have their hands full picking the top 100 and best of awards for the show. This daunting task alone probably requires just as much time to make the final choices.

The Lone Star Throwdown has the perfect ratio of different vehicles and the right mix of old and new that makes this show so popular. Each year the event appears to look relevant and new because of the variety of vehicles attending. The support from sponsors like Summit Racing Equipment, Kicker, Accuair Suspension, Allout Offroad Performance and so many others guarantee continued success into the future.

Remember you cannot just show up and get into this event, you must pre-register. You can bring just about anything to this show as long as it is not stock. The best part is you will have a great time and see some awesome vehicles that will either motivate or inspire you to work on or build something.

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