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Car Show: Hotrods and Harleys Show

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Hotrods and Harleys Show

Rahway, NJ
Saturday, May 11, 2019
Photos by: Ben Deutschman

So, where do I start with the smashing success this year׳s show was - with the amazing break in our seemingly 40 days and 40 nights of rain, or with the possibly record-breaking turnout of 800 vehicles, plus hundreds of motorcycles, not to mention the monster spectator attendance?

Though there were some hiccups in the morning with getting the crowd of participants in, with a crowd of this size hiccups are to be expected, and certainly didn’t ruin my day.

After we got our vehicles parked, my son and his friend went on their way, I grabbed my flyers, my camera and my Go Pro, and off I went. There was SO much to see. I left my vehicle a little after 9:00 a.m., and didn’t finally return to stay until nearly the end of the show.

In the course of my travels, not only did I see hundreds of vehicles, I also stopped along the way to briefly talk to friends, and in one case to ponder the display put out by Nick Fiore, son of my late friend Dennis Fiore, who left us too soon last year. What that display made me think about was how many friends I no longer get to see at these events, and how little, sometimes, those minor glitches at these shows really matter. The other thought in my mind was how nice it was to see Dennis׳s son carry on the torch now his dad is gone. I also met my friend Mike (of Cruisin News fame) as he, along with Q104, entertained the downtown crowd, and Mike made his show related-announcements.

Yes, it was one heck of a show this May 11, 2019, and let׳s ALL enjoy the show, every show, both of which I think my friend Mike would agree with.

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