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Car Show: Ocean City Maryland Cruisin Ocean City Day Three

Ocean City Maryland Cruisin Ocean City Day Three

Ocean City, MD
Saturday, May 18, 2019
Photos by: Ben Deutschman

On day three of our adventure at the Cruisin Ocean City event in Ocean City Maryland, I again participated in the Boardwalk Parade, however on Saturday, one must first line up at the Convention Center, get a special Pass, then line up for the Parade on Atlantic Ave. I did make one change myself from the Friday Parade, I actually left early enough to be in the first block of the line up when we got to Atlantic Ave, between 25 and 24th Streets. 

At the end of the Parade I continued through the Inlet Parking Lot, located at 1st Street, headed up Atlantic Ave, and then on to the Coastal Highway, to the Convention Center at 4001 Coastal Highway.

When I arrived, the Show Filed was nearly empty, and it didn’t fill up until almost Noon time. The Show at the Convention Center Parking Lot in years past would be packed by 10:00 a.m., and late comers would be getting turned away. While at the Show, I took some time to go inside the Convention Center itself to see what was there. The lower level had some Craft booths, some vehicles for sale, and a couple of Show Cars. The second floor had more Vendors, selling some vehicle related products, some with toys, and others with general merchandise. The second floor of the Convention Center also had a few Movie and TV Cars, including the General Lee.

I went back out to the Show in the Parking Lot of the Convention Center, caught a few more vehicles entering the Show Field, and around 5:30 p.m., headed back down the Coastal Highway to our Apartment on 13th St and Atlantic Ave. The outdoor Show itself petered out by around 3:30 p.m., and if I wasn’t waiting for a custom printed T-Shirt from a Vendor inside the Convention Center, I would have left at 3:30 p.m. myself.

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