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Car Show: Small Arms Ltd. 75th Anniversary

Small Arms Ltd. 75th Anniversary

Mississauga, Ontario
Saturday, May 25, 2019
Photos by: Jim Madigan

Something a bit different... These pics are from a 75 year anniversary of the Smalls Arms Inspection Building. Small Arms Ltd. workers and the local community supported WWII on the home front! The Small Arms Society (SAS) is hosting a “back to the 40’s” event, to celebrate the 14,000 women and men who worked at the Small Arms Ltd. site from 1940-1946. Over two-thirds of the workforce were women, who played a vital role in supporting the Canadian military efforts during WWII. They asked for a few cars to be on display at the entrance to the building; four of us were selected, and had a great time.

My tie into Smalls Arms was both my Mom and Dad. They were trying to find women to come and work on ammunition and rifles. My mother and a couple of friends from Winnipeg, Manitoba boarded a troop train and came to Mississauga to help with the war effort. My had did not qualify to join the military, but wanted to help; he joined Small Arms, met my mother and married her in 1942. The turnout for this event was overwellming - a sell out crowd. What surprised me was the number of young people in attendance learning about local history.

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