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Car Show: Senior Nostalgia Racing

Senior Nostalgia Racing

Lancaster, NY
Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Photos by: Jim Madigan

This past Tuesday at New International York Raceway Park in Lancaster New York, just East of Buffalo, they held a Senior Nostalgia race.

Now if that sounds like a bunch of old guys - well that's pretty much what it was, but fun. They hold this race once a month and have a pretty good purse, which comes from the drivers, and split 100% back to the drivers at the end of the night. The crews have have to pay at the gate, pit pass is only $10.00 and currently no charge for spectators.

The reason why is the fact that this track was hours away from closing when it was saved by two local business men, both racers. They have done a fantastic job on the track and grounds, making many repairs and improvement that were much needed. We all are trying to help and support them every chance we get.

The track is 1.5 to 2 hours away and that depends on border wait times. Canadians were well represented on Tuesday; one of them, Dave Opie in his Austin wheel standing gasser, finished in the money.

Our thanks to Randy, Candy and Ron for running the show and a big thank you to Vito Antonicelli and Mike Swinarski, for saving this historic facility, and for pulling together a great staff to run the shows.

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