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Car Show: Pennings Farm Wed Nite Cruise-In

Pennings Farm Wed Nite Cruise-In

Warwick, NY
Wednesday, July 3, 2019
Photos by: "Big Al" Liebmann

A packed hot night at Pennings Wed Nite Cruise-In with a full field of mustangs, Model A's, 'Vettes and even a Kool Econo Van..

Pennings Farm is located on 100 acres of pristine farmland in the historic Hudson Valley town of Warwick, NY. For more than 30 years, Pennings Farm Market has been a steadfast retailer of locally grown produce under the attentive ownership of Steve and Jill Pennings. Visits to Pennings Farm Market are more of an entertaining country and local experience than just a shopping trip, offering a farm-to-table style Cafe, Pub, Beer Garden, Ice Cream Stand and Garden Center.

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NJoy the pics from WARWICK, NY!

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