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Car Show: Woodbridge New Jersey Main Street Cruise Night

Woodbridge New Jersey Main Street Cruise Night

Woodbridge, NJ
Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Photos by: Ben Deutschman

Though skies were overcast, and there was a dire threat of severe Thunderstorms, Leon, Shari and Morissa Schwartz rolled the dice and went forward with the Woodbridge New Jersey Main Street Cruise Night.

The dire threats of nasty thunderstorms unfortunately seriously reduced the number of participants at this Cruise Night, but for the hardy souls who also gambled that they’d beat the odds and get home before the severe weather hit, it was a fun evening, and there were a moderate number of spectators who came out to see the vehicles that were on display.

The Schwartz family was faced with a difficult decision, as “rain date” postponements can be just as hard on event attendance as threatening weather can be, but in the end, their gamble paid off, and just as the last trophies were awarded, the winds picked up and the first hint of rain appeared.

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