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Car Show: NSRA NATS North


Kalamazoo, MI
Saturday, September 14, 2019
Photos by: Bob Steinhaus

Sadly, the arrival of this yearly event marks the start of the end for the outdoor car event season in S.E. Michigan. Local shows have already or are about to end for the year, and we all know that winter is not far behind. Nonetheless, it was a perfect show, even after three days of very severe weather - it finally cleared and was beautiful all weekend. The cars were all amazing, food vendors everywhere and part vendor reps on hand to help find that illusive part, just a large group of friendly people in general.

My only complaint is the ever-increasing number of rental mobility scooters and the renters who have no idea of how to safely drive them to avoid hitting pedestrians or other mobility scooters. They drive around like they would walk, wandering from one side of the aisle to the other. Worse yet, is when they form up to a 8 scooter caravan and literally plow through the walking crowds. Please understand that these devices are a “Godsend” to many, but a toy to many others. It seems, and this is not the only show, that people who actually own and bring their own mobility scooters are more responsible drivers, who usually get hit by the renters, but do not hit the pedestrians. I may only be a few years away from renting one myself but, in my opinion, they need to give the renters more driving lessons and safety instructions. Unfortunately, they probably drove to this event in their personal car (think about that for a minute) and this could reflect their actual driving skills behind a steering wheel, as well as on the scooter.

Lecture over. Enjoy the pics!

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