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Car Show: PRI 2019 - Day 3 Round-up

PRI 2019 - Day 3 Round-up

Indianapolis, IN
Saturday, December 14, 2019

The final day of PRI had arrived. Attendance was slightly down and the crowd was a little less noisy. While the second day had multiple press conferences scheduled throughout the day, this day only had one, from ARCA. Conversations between exhibitors changed from day one’s “Great to see you again” to “Hope you had a good show; see you next year.”

Although the show was winding down, it certainly was not over. RacingJunk kicked it off early with a Digital Media Seminar. Panelists included Jim Beaver, Jeanette DeJardins, Keith Haney, Danny Lorton, Mark Menadier, Hector Scarano, Erica Turner and Andy Weyenberg. Attendees got to ask the panelists questions about how to grow and expand their digital marketing. Companies did their best to get their final pitches in and the satisfaction of another successful show gleamed over everyone’s faces.

As soon as 4pm hit, the lights went dim, the heat turned off and forklifts started flying around corners. You could hear the show cars begin to fire up their engines as they went towards the back of the Convention Center to queue up for their turn to load. Booth breakdown began and another Performance Racing Industry Show was officially in the books.

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