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Car Show: 2020 Grand National Roadster Show AMBR Contenders

2020 Grand National Roadster Show AMBR Contenders

Pomona, CA
Friday, January 24, 2020
Photos by: Chadly Johnson

The 71st Grand National Roadster Show is finally here! Gearheads come from all around the world to witness the longest running indoor car show of all time. This isn't just a roadster show, the GNRS has everything from race cars, to bikes, and even legendary low riders. However, the cream of the crop of the Grand National Roadster Show are AMBR contenders.   Featuring an all Ford family, there are five 1932 Roadsters, one '32 pickup, one '34, two 1927's and a lone 1915 Model - T.

They are, in order below:

John Ivy's 1927 Ford Roadster

Gary Mower's 1932 Ford Roadster

Brandi Laird's 1934 Ford Roadster

Walter Sigsby's 1915 Ford Roadster

Gary Devine's 1932 Ford Roadster Pickup

Ken Katashio's 1932 Ford Roadster

Dustin Smith's 1927 Ford Roadster

Tom Firth's 1932 Ford Roadster

Monte Belsham's 1932 Ford Roadster

Mike Dwight's 1932 Ford Roadster

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