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Ocean City, MD
Thursday, May 20, 2021
Photos by: Ben Deutschman

5/20 Ocean City Cruise:

Our trip to Ocean City Maryland, Cruisin Ocean City, started off as most of these trips usually do, with something going wrong. The guilty party on this trip, was a brand-new Water Pump, barely on the newly built Motor in the 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass owned by my Son Martin. As martin arrived at the meet-up location, the Water Pump started leaking. Since my Garage was nearby, we high tailed it over there. I opened up my Garage, handed my Son and his friends the tools they needed, and while they got busy working on his Cutlass, part of our merry band of travelers, took off in another vehicle to a Parts Store that had a Water Pump in stock. I then scoured my Garage for a Window Crank Handle, as the Knob decided to come off of the passenger’s side one on my 76 Trans Am, finding that I only had ones needing repair. With a cordless drill, and appropriate size Drill Bit, I drilled out the stud on the Knob of one of my broken spares, reinstalled it on the Crank Handle, attaching the Know with a self-tapping screw. A quick swap of Handles, my issue was taken care of. The Water Pump arrived while I was taking care of my Window Crank Handle problem, and shortly after the Water Pump arrived, it was installed, and we were on our way.Fortunately, we had no other car related issues, but due to the delay in leaving, arrived in Ocean City Maryland after registration closed at the Convention Center, setting up race against time the next day to get my credentials, and get to the Inlet Car Show. Our late arrival also meant we didn’t do too much cruising on Thursday, and I have only a handful of arrival and on the way to our Apartment photos from that night.

5/21 Ocean City Cruise:

As was the case with our arrival on Thursday evening in Ocean City, the dire predictions of getting pulled over by the O.C. MD Police, did not materialize for yours truly. If one wasn’t doing the things one was warned not to do, the Police didn’t bother you. I got up exceedingly early, as in 5:30 a.m., headed up to the Convention Center on 36th St to get the “Pass” for the Boardwalk Parade, only to find out there was no one there. After wasting about 15 minutes or so at the Convention Center, I decided to Baltimore Ave and line up for the Parade, ending up at 27th St and Baltimore Ave. I also found out that this year, possibly due to a somewhat lower turnout, a Pass was not needed for the Friday Parade. When I got to the Inlet Parking Lot at the Parade end point, I headed back up to 36th St, got my credentials and went back to the Inlet car Show, lucking out by finding a spot in the first row, right behind the Manufacturers’ Midway. I spent my day photographing, and shooting Go-Pro Video, while walking the Inlet Show. The Video will be posted sometime later.The Inlet Show started to thin out around 3:30 p.m., and I left around 4:00 p.m., stopped by PhotoMagic a couple of blocks down, and ordered my Boardwalk Parade T-Shirt. I cruised on up to a Lobster and seafood place later in the evening with my Son and some of his friends, and after Dinner, headed over to the Wawa mini-Show. Toward late evening, some dopey girl in a Camaro, did a hefty burnout on Coastal Highway, by the Wawa, got stopped a ways down, and then took off from the Police. I hear it didn’t end well for her. After the evening’s excitement, I left for our Apartment on 8th St, and cruised on back without incident. Just a footnote here, there are Coastal Highway, and Wawa Mini Car Show photos in here from the evening of 5-20-2021

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