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Car Show: Megaspeed Custom Car And Truck Show

Megaspeed Custom Car And Truck Show

Toronto Ontario Canada
Friday, March 9, 2012
Photos by: Mike Lynch

Megaspeed indoor car show has just run its first edition in Toronto Ontario Canada.  This is the former "motion" show morphed into the "performance world" show under new ownership for 2012 and is now the MEGASPEED SHOW.
As usual all 5 buildings were crammed around the perimeter with people promoting their goods & services.  The main building features all the big display cars.  About 26,  I think, were going for the Canadian Grand Champion award for first time shown which is a $5000 award, similar idea to the Cobo Hall Detroit RIDLER.
There was also a newly instituted American Eagle award for $3500 for first time shown in Canada.  That lured some USA cars that were competing for the Ridler to venture north over the border.
I went Saturday morning and the place was packed with show attendees.
Enjoy the pictures......................Mike Lynch

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