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Car Show: 54th Annual March Meet

54th Annual March Meet

Auto Club Raceway at Famoso Bakersfield, CA.
Thursday, March 1, 2012
Photos by: Roger Rohrdanz

The 54th annual March Meet at Famoso is in the books.  “What a great ending to an amazing four days of racing,” said Blake Bowser, vice president and general manager of the Kern County Racing Association, operators of Auto Club Famoso and producers of the March Meet. “Everything was perfect for the fans – the weather, the competition, everything. This is what nostalgia drag racing is all about”.  You would think that after 54 years this event would become old & predictable.  But you have underestimated the Bowsers (John & son Blake).  Over the last several years they have improved or created something new to improve the event for the fans.  An extra day of racing has been added.  They added more paving to allow more parking and keep the dust down.  The coolest thing was the “Return Lane”.  After their run, Top Fuel and Funny Cars can return to their pits using this lane that passes right in front of the grandstands, the fans really appreciated this addition.  A recent addition is “The Quarter Mile Courtyard”.  The show also included 2 awesome Jet Cars!

Approximately 500 cars competed in 13 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series classes.  Father and son Grand Marshals, Larry Dixon Sr. and Larry Dixon Jr. presided over the event.  But the father, son theme extended to Top Fuel driver Jim Boyd and Mike Boyd the “Winged Express” pilot.  Mike Cook Sr. and Mike Cook Jr. were licensing their beautifully recreated “Stone Woods & Cook” Mustang.  In “The Grove” the beautiful Show & Shine cars stretched the length of the track. The “Rat/Vintage Rodders” occupied their usual spot at the end of the grandstands.  Drag racing celebrities on-hand included, the Dixons, Ron Capps, Roland Leong, Tom “Mongoose” McEwen, Austin Coil, Robert Hight, Bob Muravez, Del Worsham, Gary Densham, Dave Wallace Jr., and others.

Thanks for the Show!!

The results,

(#6110) Nostalgia Top Fuel first-time winner Jimmy Young (far lane) from Salem, WI. Drove  Frank Ousley’s “Crop Duster” car to a win over defending champion Rick White from San Diego, CA.  The times were, Young’s 5.684et & 248.98mph to White’s 5.699et & 258.67.

(#6125) Nostalgia Funny Car first-time winner Tim Boychuk (far lane) from Alberta, Canada  guided the Roland Leong-tuned ’77 Firebird to win over Chad Head from Avon, IN. The times were, Boychuk’s 5.803et & 243.6mph to Head’s 6.007et & 248.29mph.

(#6099) A/Fuel winner Les Davenport (far lane) from Alberta, Canada went 6.222et & 216.27mph to beat Kin Bates’ 6.298et & 224.06mph.

(#6061) 7.0 Pro winner Jesse Adams (far lane) from Yuba City, CA. went 7.275et  & 173.83mph to beat Terri Lynne Brewster’s 9.860et & 137.71mph. (no pic) Junior Fuel winner J D Zink from Chico, CA. went 7.154et & 182.90mph to beat Don Enriquez’ 7.174et & 186.72mph.

(#6082) A/Gas winner (near lane) Rafael Qulroga’s 7.689et & 177.02mph beat Bob Patten’s 7.671et & 161.07mph.

(#6077) B/Gas winner (near lane) Roy Castagmetto’s 8.602et & 150.83mph beat Jessie Wooton’s 8.574et & 152.73mph.

(#6075) C/Gas winner (far lane) Justin Shears’ 9.620et & 138.13mph beat Pat Walker’s 9.597et & 135.00mph.

(#6072) D/Gas winner (near lane) Don Fournier’s 10.606et & 116.56mph beat Mike Silva’s  10.606et & 125.23mph.

(#6063) Nostalgia Eliminator 1 winner (far lane) Steve Schoenfeld’s 7.754et & 165.38mph beat Eily Stafford’s 7.668et & 178.76mph.

(#6095) Nostalgia Eliminator 2 winner (near lane) Bob Johnson’s 8.635et & 151.04mph beat  Rod Horn’s 8.634et & 153.56mph.

(#6087) Nostalgia Eliminator 3 winner (far lane) Lindsey Lister’s 9.588et & 136.08mph beat  Rich Harrison’s 9.581et & 135.67mph.

(#6089) Hot Rod winner (near lane) Chris Pedersen’s 10.136et & 128.02mph beat Gregg  Heriford’s 10.503et & 128.02mph.


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