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Car Show: Sacramento Classic Car and Parts Swap Meet

Sacramento Classic Car and Parts Swap Meet

Power Balance Pavilion, Sacramento, CA
Sunday, April 22, 2012
Photos by: Dean Court
I went to the Power Balance Arena ( used to be Arco Arena)  in Sacramento for the Classic Car and Parts Swap Meet.  It was BIG . Lots of parts, toys, cars,  and odd stuff.
The sellers and some of the buyers get there at sunrise and set up the long rows of stuff. ( I tend to go after  8 am)  I enjoy looking at everything, and finding a surprise like Dennis Roth and a new creation in the rows. I look at the signs, toys and the cars for sale, a lot of walking is involved. The day was hot also, so I did want to get through everything before 1pm.  I do hope you enjoy the photos.  Dean


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