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Car Show: Good Ol' Days 20th Annual Car Show

Good Ol' Days 20th Annual Car Show

Hosted by the Prince William Cruisers

Occoquan Regional Park in Lorton, VA.
Sunday, June 24, 2012
Photos by: Charles Shotwell

Our small group left Stafford, VA at 6:30 and cruised 25 miles to the 20th Annual Good Ol’ Days show in Occoquan, VA….managed by Prince William Cruisers.  We have been working this show for the last few years because the charity is Wounded Warrior Project and we like to support the club with this effort.  And I really like to help Jo & Roger with the registration.  I get to meet everyone that attends which is a very cool deal.  The Princess & Ramona sell T-Shirts….they make them go away every year!  And Dan helps Dave take the money when the participants come in at the main entrance.  Would you try to game Dan when he sticks out his hand, that is the size of Vermont, and says $15 please?  Not me….

This year the main tent was set up at a different location, at the end of the field and I think it works much better.  The only negative about it is that the restrooms are farther away….but that’s OK.  The restrooms were clean and well stocked.  The food was better this year but at some point I wish the Park would allow private food vendors to attend….it could make a big difference.  The band, Route 66, wowed the audience as usual….this band plays so comfortably they just feel/sound like an old friend.  An old friend that can belt out pretty much any song you want and do it like the pro’s that they are!  Sally and her grandson ran the 50/50 and collected over $900….which meant someone was going home with a few Benjamins in their pocket.

The attendance is a bit if a mystery….197 cars registered (I was helping register them)….if you devide the money taken in by $15 you get 220!  So….either someone can’t count or some people paid but didn’t register or some people paid more than $15 to get in?  I don’t know what it is but I took picures of all the cars and I got 203!  In any event it was a lot of cars.  The quality of the cars improves each year and the two cars the roofer brought were superb examples of how money can change a car into a work of art.  But there were many other cars that deserved praise like the yellow/black ’67 Camaro or the brown ’57 Chevy hardtop….or the red/black ’70 El Camino.  The best of show was the candy red Merc lead sled and it was a ‘best of show’ quality car.

The weatherguessers were saying that rain was coming in so the PW Cruisers moved up the award ceremony a little so the cars would stay dry.  We ran into just a little rain when we got back to Stafford but some told me that they got poured on….oh well.

Tuesday we participated in saying good bye to a friend that cancer took from us last week.  Jim Ferguson was a friend and fixture at all the ‘car’ events in our area….he and his blue ’67 Olds will be missed….rock on old friend….


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