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Car Show: Scoty Chops Shoot Out 4

Scoty Chops Shoot Out 4

Redwood City, CA
Sunday, August 12, 2012
Photos by: Dean Court
Skoty Chops 4 is a car show in Redwood City Calif. It had live music with 4 bands, The Infirmities, Dubdog, The Cranks, and Nightshades, also a art show called Mr. Wims Brush Stroke 3 with strippers and art work. S-Pray Creations did spray can art work that only took minuts to create. Tarzanna did great face painting and make up. A barber also came and did good style haircuts.  I think I like the location where this is held best. It is in a mini mall and a frontage road with a curve in it. It is like a park with grass and trees for shade, the cars park in the lot and along the curb. The street did not fill up, so next year more cars can come. Most of the stores are closed, so the mall is taken over and the street is blocked off. Just a good place for a car show. Dean


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