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Car Show: Simi Valley Fair Car Show

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Simi Valley Fair Car Show

Simi Valley, California
Sunday, September 23, 2012
Photos by: Rick Merkow

The Simi Valley Fair & Music Festival was an extra special treat this year. This fair is presented by the Simi Valley Days Foundation and runs for 5 days every year at the end of Summer. This year was the largest I have ever seen. There was live music from several different bands playing throughout the day. A large variety of rides for the kids. Plenty of food and prize booths. Polynesian dancers and ... oh yeah... almost forgot, A Car Show! This was the second year that the car show was added to the fair. There were trophies handed out for several different categories. The top two prizes went to a 69 Chevelle and a 62 Impala.

Dave Allen was the organizer of the car event. He, along with other members of the Kiwanis Club did a wonderful job. Proceeds earned for this event were collected to help support the Free Clinic of Simi Valley. The Free Clinic of Simi Valley was founded in 1971. They provide Medical, Counseling, Legal and Dental services to needy members of the community. All services are provided by volunteer professionals. One particular area of the Counseling Program that needs support is the Children?s Play Room. This room is actually a therapeutic instrument utilized by specially trained therapists who work with children that suffer various forms of abuse.

With help from the Kiwanis Club, this Car Show was a great way to bring the community together and help support the cause. I thank everyone for their great work and I look forward to next year's event.



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