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Car Show: 2012 FIREBALL RUN: Northern Exposure

2012 FIREBALL RUN: Northern Exposure

Scotia, New York
Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Photos by: Vince Caterina

The Fireball Run came into Scotia, New York on September 26 as a part of an 8 day Ohio to Maine road rally tour with stops in 15 Cities working for the charitable cause; National Center for Missing and Expoloited Children. The 40 teams and crews will distribute 50,000 posters and fliers about missing children over the course of the 8 days. The organizers claim the rally has help fiind 38 missing children since it started in 2007. The evnt is being streamed live at I have included closeup shots of some of the missing children to help spread the word. Vince Caterina


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