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Car Show: The Fourth Annual Eagle Field Hot Rod Gathering

The Fourth Annual Eagle Field Hot Rod Gathering

Eagle Field, Firebaugh, CA
Saturday, October 6, 2012
Photos by: Dean Court
Eagle Field is just off I-5 near Los Banos, Calif. It is listed near Firebaugh, in Fresno County. It is a US Army airstrip like many that were built in WWII. When you drive in past the old barracks and other buildings you feel like you went back to that time. The first thing I noticed was that the dirt was soft to walk on, and it felt good. The drag strip is a landing strip so no traction compounds could be used. It was like racing in a parking lot. No starting lights, a flag man who jumps in the air works just fine, no ET or MPH because every race is a grudge race. A flag man at the 1/8 mile holds the flag straight up if the right lane won and out to the right if the left won.  Rocky Phillips is the promoter and he does a great job with the help of a lot of staff.
Two planes did 2 fly overs for the spectators to enjoy. A B-25 "Old Glory" and a 4 engine plane came down very low. Gasser's, Front engine dragsters, Muscle cars, min bikes and gas powered bicycles all raced. 73 and earler did a Run Whatcha Brung format. .Joe Hickenbottom and Larry Underwood kept telling me I should come to Eagle Field, and I thank them, I had a great time. Dean

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