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Car Show: Jan's Christmas Cruiz-In

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Jan's Christmas Cruiz-In

Leisure Lanes Hudson, Florida
Sunday, December 16, 2012
Photos by: Don Walsh

Well, it was a fine sunny day here in Florida. Vern and I had come to Jan's Christmas Show to check out new vehicles. Some of the old favorites were here and some new ones showed up.

This was Jan's Christmas Show and a considerable number of gifts were lined up in a fenced in area. As usual, she had Bill Castner and Karen Kallin there to provide a day's entertainment.

Larry Walbert had his yellow 2008 Corvette out today. Note the stainless additions in his engine compartment - all hand-built by Larry over a good bit of time. We walked the area and found a fairly strange vehicle with a Cummings Diesel engine and turbo charger. You will recognize it from the clever plumbing across the top of the engine.

This is also a place to make new friends. Bob Birchmeier owns the black 1955 Nomad. I see this car at a lot of shows that I cover and was finally able to meet the fellow. This car is well used but sure doesn't look it.  Another new friend is Jim Scurto - he owns the blue hemi 2010 Challenger. The trick is it is blown using a Vortec V-e blower and the associated air intake, similar to the older inter-cooled Buicks. This is a fine looking vehicle and has run up to 580 hp on the dyno. With street tires, Jim can run low 11s at the drag strip . . but not too often.  We also ran into Ralph Gabert, who owns that red 37 Ford coupe. That paint is flawless and that engine compartment paint treatment is also outstanding.

As always, burgers and dogs were available to registered entrants. Jan announced the attendance today was well over 110 vehicles with some still coming in. It was a fine day for a car show and she puts on a great one.

This show also included a Domestic Violence Toy Drive for Children. It seems a lot of gifts were available for the Domestic Violence group collecting the gifts


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