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Car Show: MEGASPEED 2013 held in Toronto Ontario Canada

MEGASPEED 2013 held in Toronto Ontario Canada

Toronto Ontario Canada
Friday, March 22, 2013
Photos by: Mike Lynch

This is a big show staged at the INTERNATIONAL convention center by the airport, and it uses a total of 5 buildings to house the show , including a special building just for the lovers of tuner cars.

Plenty of feature cars appeared as usual in building #1 where i started taking pictures. These are the contenders for the GRAND CHAMPION AWARD, this is also for a Detroit cobo hall , riddler type award , for best car first time shown and gets winner $5000. Also an award for best USA car called American eagle award and $3500 for 1st time shown in Canada .

A 2013 return special feature of Candy Clarke from american graffiti movie fame, drove the bird. Still as pretty as ever. And I believe Bo Hoskins was also there. Chip Foose was there on Saturday afternoon till 6 signing autographs, he was smiling continuously. I think Chip is a genuine person and not a put on like other famous people. He is the real deal !!

Troy Trepanier had 2 vehicles there, but I did not spot him around. A local hockey legend from the 60's was also in attendance, doing autographs, the famous Toronto Maple Leaf EDDIE SHACK .

Large show, lots to see, high dollar, custom, rattus roddus cars, S10 pickups, club displays, show had it all. Plus the place was PACKED with people at 10 am !

Mike Lynch, Whitby Ontario Canada



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