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Car Show: Cruise-In at Virginia Barbeque in Fredericksburg, VA. And Burger King Cruise in Manassas, VA

Cruise-In at Virginia Barbeque in Fredericksburg, VA. And Burger King Cruise in Manassas, VA

Virgina BBQ Presented By Fredericksburg Classic and Muscle Car Club and Manassas Burger King Presented By Bull Run Street Rods

Fredericksburg, VA
Friday, March 29, 2013
Photos by: Charles Shotwell

At last….the season begins!  After all the contentious winter weather it’s finally warm enough to start roaming around with our hot rods….

Friday the 29th was the kick off day for the weekly cruise at Virginia Barbeque in Fredericksburg, VA.  The cruise is hosted by the Fredericksburg Classic and Muscle Car Club and has been a local ‘must do’ event for many years now.  There are usually 40-90 vehicles that cruise in and no doubt the cool weather kept the attendance to around 35 for the evening.  Coach was back doing the DJ deal and kept the cadence of the event moving in a fun direction.

Many of us have been keeping in touch by Facebook and email during the winter.  The ‘social, electronic’ method of communication is helpful but there is nothing like the old fashioned way to communicate….sadly it is a social skill that is slowly disappearing!   This outing was a time to press the flesh and re-establish an actual face to face connection with some of our ‘electronic’ friends that we were separated from during the winter.  We also began making some new friends….that is always cool.

There were no surprises in the vehicles that came out…..most were the usual suspects.  Bill & Debbie’s Model T race car is always a crowd pleaser and tonight there was constantly a gaggle of people around and in it!  Bill loves to share his car with anyone that will listen….he is a great ambassador for our hobby!  And there was a ’67 Ford long roof with a new look….very nice!

As soon as the sun and the temperature started dropping….it got cooler rapidly.  Since the Princess had been sitting in the truck for last 3 hours I decided it was time to pull the plug and cruise home….I love this hobby!

Saturday a few of us cruised to Manassas, VA the cruise at Burger King near the airport on Rt. 28.  The event is hosted by Bull Run Street Rods and is a year-round fixture in our corner of Virginia.  No music, no trophies….just a whole bunch of vehicle enthusiasts gathering to show off their rides and talk about car stuff!

It seems that the event draws a lot of late model vehicles….which is OK with me.  I like to look at a new Challenger, Camaro, Mustang or Vette too….cars is cars!  I can and do appreciate the labor of love that some guys/gals build and I would rather drive an older ride….but the new ones are so techie and cool that they deserve a look too.  It’s all good.

I liked the black Duster with the white stripes….it was about as perfect a Duster as I have ever seen!  Many of the regulars like Paul’s yellow ’32 coupe and Skip’s red ’37 coupe were there and I liked the silver Studebaker Pickup that cruised in….now there is something you don’t see very often.  Jim & Linda had a piece of art work done for their blue ’08 Vette….it’s the under hood blanket….it’s really cool!

We all had a late lunch at BK, something about hamburgers & hot rods that just makes sense.  Then we had some ice cream from the vendor in the parking lot while the ladies had something going on about sign language or something.  I would look at the Princess and say ‘huh’ and they would all break out laughing….what’s up with that?  And Debie has to talk to and pet all the dogs that people bring with them….but she found one that still didn’t like her, even after she fed him ice cream!  I’m glad the ladies had a fun time because when they are happy….we are happy….it’s amazing how that works!  Even though it was a beautiful day it was still too cool to set up the chairs and sit a spell so we walked around for an hour or so then cruised back to Stafford. 

A magnificent day cruising on the Virginia highways giving people something to wave at….A nice beginning to the season.


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