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Car Show: Weekend UpDate From Charles Shotwell (Cosmic Charlie) April 5-7, 2013

Weekend UpDate From Charles Shotwell (Cosmic Charlie) April 5-7, 2013

Stafford, VA
Friday, April 5, 2013
Photos by: Charles Shotwell

Friday evening at the Q, in Fredericksburg, VA (Page 1) is always fun and an opportunity to meet new ‘car people’.  Friday I met Gary with the ’31 ALL Chevy coupe.  Gary is not a new rodder but was new to this event…..and Gary needs to bring a chair, hee hee  We talked till my feet hurt….this was a “problem” that evening.  I could take a couple pics and then would get into a conversation with a friend….and stop….till my feet hurt then go again….repeat!  It’s all good.  So….if your vehicle isn’t in the album….I just didn’t get to it….that’s all!  Maybe next week….

There were some “young” hot rodders in the mix….driving their gen 4 Camaro’s and Trans Ams.  One of the Trans Am drivers is the son of the guy that had the turquoise T bucket at the 5N Diners years ago….cool deal.  We need to dialog with the young people about their cars, it’s what they like and can afford….and their Trans Am’s and Camaro’s are not too shabby of a ride!  We got to see Fred & Debie’s ’57 Dodge with the new paint….like Carl says “It’s all Mopar, two tone paint….what’s not to like?”  It was a nice warm evening….till the sun went down then the chill came back and most of us ran for warmer environs….like rats leaving a sinking ship!  Coach’s audience was vanishing right before his eyes as he was playing the tunes….bizarre.

Saturday we cruised 55 miles to Ashland, VA to check out the River City Diner….it is a meeting place and cruise for some of the “southern” folks.  It was OK….the food was very good but the service was marginal.  We left the diner and cruised a couple miles to O’Banks restaurant and the Memorial cruise for Ray Beach of Fre-Ray Sounds. (Page 2) I spoke to Ray a couple times over the years and found him to be a friendly and helpful person….he will be sorely missed by the people that he lifted their spirits through the music he played and the friendship he extended.  At 5 PM everyone at the cruise started their engines and revved them up in remembrance of Ray.  I think the electric Prius near us drowned out my trucks exhaust noise!  I have to fix that someday.  The Princess says not to worry….she can tell when the motor is running because the radio antenna shakes….I feel better….not. 

The cruise was attended by about 40 cars….all very nice but I liked the Dk. Green ’37 Chevy sedan….very menacing. One of the neat things about the cruise was the welcoming behavior some of the people extended to us.  There was a blonde lady that visited us twice, once to welcome us to the cruise and once bidding us farewell and a safe trip home….then invited us back!  Another white haired gentleman talked with us like a long lost cousin….made us feel comfortable and relaxed.  We left about 7PM and cruised uneventfully home….a great day!

Sunday we met up with Jim & Linda and left Stafford for the day’s adventure. Along the way we hooked up with Bob & Benda right outside of Midland and now we were three!  We like car shows and drive in cruises but we really like to drive the hot rod….so we are always in a discovery mode to see where we can explore next.  Fortunately we have always been this way so when we cruised all those years with the Harley we didn’t know we were forging routes that we would later use with the hot rod.

When we first moved to VA in 1973, Interstate 66 was incomplete to I-81; it just ended in Gainesville, VA.  We drove to Front Royal and Skyline Drive via Rt. 55 almost exclusively.  But when I-66 was completed it made running Rt. 55 very tedious.  So….Sunday we would run Rt. 55 from Marshall, VA to Front Royal, VA and end up at South Street Grill on Rt. 55…..a cruise that should be about 75 miles out. Except for a couple spots of intersection indecision when my navigator was arguing with the GPS….it rolled very well.  And the countryside was magnificent.

South Street Grill (Page 3) is a neat little restaurant with a diner like attitude. They always have been motorcycle and hot rod friendly and Sunday they did not disappoint. From the tables & chairs, the floor and wall decorations to the napkin dispensers with pictures of hot rods that have visited….it’s all there.  And the food was really good too; Burgers, fries, salads, melts and the Princess had a to die for cherry coke that was larger than 16oz!  It’s not cloth table coverings and little finger up in the air while you eat/drink kind of place but rather nice old time food and atmosphere….comfortable and fun.

We told enough stories to and about each other that should last a while so we thanked the staff and mounted up for the return trip.  We would take a different route back that would be about 112 miles. Bob and Benda left us in Culpeper but we pressed on towards Fredericksburg.  The closer we got there the truck just started guiding on it’s own….right to Carl’s Ice Cream. The Princess must visit Carl’s whenever we are within 50 miles of it….it’s then considered “on the way”….silly me.  Princess rules and maps are so confusing.

After running about 190 miles in the Virginia countryside with friends we decided to call it a day.  With our tummy’s full of ice cream we headed home again and all ended well!  I love this hobby.


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