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Car Show: VA BBQ Cruise-In Fredericksburg, VA

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VA BBQ Cruise-In Fredericksburg, VA

Fredericksburg and New Market, VA
Friday, May 31, 2013
Photos by: Charles Shotwell

Friday night we cruised to VA BBQ (Page 1) in Fredericksburg, VA to hang out with some of our friends and meet some new ones….the new ones never showed up! Grin

JV brought his T-Bucket out for the first time this year and Ron got his ’28 Dodge back on the road for the second time.  Ron had changed his Dodge from a Molet to a Mopar over the winter….out with the SBC and in with a 360 Magnum!  Nice….  Another nice Chevy AD Pickup, this time a ’52, cruised in and a very cool grey VW coupe….I hope I see this one again, I need to get some details about it.  I had seen the red/white International crew cab before….but it’s still too nice to ignore.  Too soon the fun was over for us and we all cruised uneventfully home up Rt.1.

Saturday, Jim & Linda – red ’13 Vette, Fred & Debie – red/white ‘57 Dodge and the Princess & I in our black ’49 Chebby PU gathered at the WAWA in Stafford, VA and began our 98 mile lunch cruise to New Market, VA. (Page 2)  We cruised through Warrenton, Sperryville then over the first mountain, under Skyline Drive….then down the mountain near Luray Caverns at the Liberty gas station for our scheduled pit stop.  We then continued over the second mountain to New Market, VA and the Southern Kitchen restaurant on Rt. 11.

We had dined at this restaurant a few years ago during a 3 day car show and remembered the food to be excellent.  We were not disappointed on Saturday….the food was terrific, priced reasonably and the service was quick and attentive.   What more could you ask for a meal on the road?  After we all consumed too much food we wobbled into our rides and embarked on the return leg of our cruise.  Back over two mountains then pausing in Culpeper for the last scheduled pit stop.  After that we cruised on to Fredericksburg, VA and the Family Diner’s weekly cruise. 

This cruise is in danger of running dry for lack of participation….the club that was managing it is not showing up.  So….if something doesn’t happen soon it will fade away….which is a shame.  It’s a great location plus the host business, Family Diner, is enthusiastically supporting the cruise.  The owners want this cruise to succeed to the point that they give cruisers a 10% discount on their food and have a free drawing for a $20 diner card and a T-shirt.  It will never be a large cruise but it’s very comfortable and friendly.  We arrived a little early from our road cruise and set up our camp under a tree to begin discussing how the day was unfolding.  After a few minutes, Debora and a waitress from the Diner, walked over with large styrofoam glasses of ice & water for all present!  Like I said, they want the cruise to work! 

As soon as Dan & Ramona caught up with us we all had dinner at the diner!  Fred didn’t have his half-a-cow hamburger this time!  Most of us were going to eat “light & right”?  My stomach was still trying to digest the Ruben I had 6 hours earlier so I wasn’t too interested in pigging out.  Shrimp and crab salad on toasted sourdough was going to be my daily contribution to clean living/eating.  The sourdough bread neutralizes all the congealed animal fat in the 14 ½ pounds of French fries that I ordered with the rabbit food salad.  As long as you eat the food with your little finger up in the air most of the calories don’t count….I read that on Al Gore’s amazing internet, it has to be true….

We all waddled back to our car camp and finished the evening….then cruised home to end another weekend driving around the Virginia countryside enjoying some of what God has given us to be stewards of and to enjoy….I love this hobby!


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