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Meetings to Save Bonneville Salt Flats Set

Meetings to Save Bonneville Salt Flats Set



According to Louise Ann Noeth—better known to racing enthusiasts as “Land Speed Louise”—The Save the Salt Coalition and Utah Alliance are working closely together as advocates for the land speed racing (LSR) community. Their goal is to protect the Bonneville Salt Flats and support efforts to allow land speed record competition to continue at Bonneville Speedway.

The recent cancellations of four of the five major 2015 racing events due to weather and deteriorating salt conditions have shocked the hot rod community and increased awareness that the future of salt flats racing is in jeopardy.

According to Noeth, two educational meetings are scheduled. A Sept. 9 meeting will discuss “100 years of Bonneville-Racing History from the Racers Perspective” It will take place at Totem’s Restaurant, 538 S. Redwood Rd., Salt Lake City. Land speed racing cars will be on display in the parking area at 3 pm. The public, media, and public officials have been invited to attend.

During the second meeting on Sept. 14 at the Bonneville Salt Flats representatives from the two Coalitions will conduct a private tour and present the racer’s perspective to government, industry, and local community leadership. The parties will be able to engage in follow-up discussions and begin identifying possible ways to restore salt to the area.

The Utah Alliance is also planning to create a Website repository of photographic, film, and historical documentation about the Bonneville Salt Flats that will be available to everyone. The Website is seen as an additional resource for the main Website that serves to keep the public informed of day-to-day actions. For more information, visit