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Wavecrest Woodie Meet

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Moonlight State Beach has been the home of Wavecrest for the last 27  	years.Moonlight State Beach has been the home of Wavecrest for the last 27  	years.The “Wavecrest” sign.Woodies begin arriving in the wee hours.Wavecrest Woodie Meet5– This classic ’51 Ford Woodie is sporting some classic  	surfboards and some classic decals. The owner is Roger Roundy of Tustin, CA.Wavecrest Woodie Meet7Wavecrest Woodie Meet8Wavecrest Woodie Meet9	All Woodies are rare but, this stunning ’49 Packard straight 8 is  	registered as an “Antique Vehicle” by owner Dana Meadows from Fallbrook, CA.Wavecrest Woodie Meet11Wavecrest Woodie Meet12 Here is a perfectly finished ’50 Ford Woodie!Wavecrest Woodie Meet14Wavecrest Woodie Meet15Wavecrest Woodie Meet16Not many of these straight 6, ’49 Chevy Deluxe Woodies survived, but  Bill Halliday of Fallbrook has one.Wavecrest Woodie Meet18Another rare one, a ’50 Chrysler Town & Country Coupe. Where do  	they find the parts for these cars?? Wavecrest Woodie Meet20Wavecrest Woodie Meet21Another rare, restored Woodie. This is a awesome, ’50  	DeSoto Suburban with a bust of the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto as the  	hood ornament. The owners are Scott & Dame Melcer of  Encinitas, CA.	Wavecrest Woodie Meet23Wavecrest Woodie Meet24Wavecrest Woodie Meet25

Wavecrest Woodie Meet

Encinitas, CA
Saturday, September 21, 2019
Photos by: Roger Rohrdanz

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