Ron Francis Wiring's: Battery Cables Keep the Power Flowing

Battery cables can be one of those things we don’t give much thought to until something goes wrong and we are left with the bitter realization not all battery cables are created equal. Thankfully the folks at Ron Francis Wiring have done the research for us and created the ultimate battery cable set. Their new under hood cross-link one gauge cables have a temperature rating of 255°F (under hood temperatures vary from 212°F to 240°F). They offer more current carrying capacity and less voltage drop, making them far superior to typical auto parts store or welding cable. Their high-grade lugs stay round longer, insuring a tight seal and corrosion resistance. The kit comes in top post (p/n TP-6) or side post (p/n SP-6) and include 6 feet of color-coded positive and negative cables (longer kits for trunk mount also available). Each cable includes matching rubber boots for added protection and a more finished look. All kits also come complete with a crimping tool, extra lugs, and heat shrink tubing. Don’t risk being stranded; upgrade to a Ron Francis battery cable kit today! For additional information please visit or call 800-292-1940.

Ron Francis Wiring, founded in 1974, is a result of over 30 years of experience in wiring street rods and developing electrical products directly for street rod and hot rod applications. Over the years Ron Francis wiring systems have gone through constant re-design to incorporate the latest in wiring technology in both circuitry and materials, so that the system is compatible with the latest in automotive trends. Today's Express Wiring System all the way through the Original Bare Bonz, are just as suitable for a state-of-the-art, high-tech street rod with all of the modern electrical accessories as it is for one with just the basic equipment. Ron Francis Wiring has grown up with street rodding/hot rodding and is proud to have been one of the "ground floor" companies in the sport. Built on a reputation of service and quality, Ron Francis continually strives to maintain it. Just like the majority of our customers, we're street rodders & hot rodders too, and we know how valuable your support has been and will be in the future. You can see all of our products online along with reference charts and an online form to "Ask Ron" any wiring questions you may have... Take a look

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