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Shorty's Diner Cruise-In

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Shorty's Diner Cruise-In50Shorty's Diner Cruise-In51Shorty's Diner Cruise-In52Shorty's Diner Cruise-In53Shorty's Diner Cruise-In54Shorty's Diner Cruise-In55Shorty's Diner Cruise-In56Shorty's Diner Cruise-In57Shorty's Diner Cruise-In58Shorty's Diner Cruise-In59Shorty's Diner Cruise-In60Shorty's Diner Cruise-In61Shorty's Diner Cruise-In62Shorty's Diner Cruise-In63Shorty's Diner Cruise-In64Shorty's Diner Cruise-In65Shorty's Diner Cruise-In66Shorty's Diner Cruise-In67Shorty's Diner Cruise-In68Shorty's Diner Cruise-In69Shorty's Diner Cruise-In70Shorty's Diner Cruise-In71Shorty's Diner Cruise-In72Shorty's Diner Cruise-In73Shorty's Diner Cruise-In74

Shorty's Diner Cruise-In

Williamsburg, Virginia
Friday, May 18, 2012
Photos by: Harold Hartel

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