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Old Air Products 1973-77 Corvette Evaporator Conversion Kit

Old Air Products announces a new Evaporator Conversion Kit for 1973-77 Corvette. This kit eliminates the troublesome VIR assembly and updates the a/c system to an accumulator/orifice tube type system like found on later model corvettes. This evaporator conversion works very well when updating the a/c system for 134a refrigerant. Includes a new evaporator, accumulator, orifice tube, hose assembly an pressure safety switch.  Kit # 50-0073 fits 1973-76 Corvettes with GM A6 Compressor and Kit # 50-0076 fits 1976-77 Corvettes with R4 compressor.


Buy here: 1973-76 Corvette w/ A6 Compressor

Buy here: 1976-77 Corvette w/ R4 Compressor


Old Air Products was established in 1989 with the concept of manufacturing an A/C, Heat & Defrost system that would fit any vehicle. We quickly found that with the large variety of vehicles and personal chioces of their owners we needed to provide a system with variable choices to allow our customers to customize the A/C system to fit both stock and custom vehicles. This was the beginning of our HURRICANE® series systems. Old Air Products specialization is in custom AC systems and factory AC & heater system replacement parts for Antique, Classic, Vintage & Custom Vehicles. We manufacture the HURRICANE® AC Heat & Defrost system for Hot Rods, Street Rods & Custom vehicles. The unique modular design of this unit and wide variety of options allow the HURRICANE® to be customized to fit virtually any classic car. Let us help you create an AC & heater system for your classic car.


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