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Painless Performance Camaro Harness

Your most complete '69 Camaro Harness! Featuring 26 circuits with virtually every connector installed on the harness out of the box. This harness covers all common options and even features a fully integrated ground circuit.  Included are provisions for the RS taillights, cowl hood, and even a complete console harness!  Installing the harness is made clear with an included 120+ page manual full of color schematics, photos, and step-by-step instructions!                                          
Numerous components have the connectors and terminals pre-installed to make connections plug-n-play
All exterior lights have the correct sockets pre-installed and new bulbs are included
6 gauge charge wire and 150 amp MIDI fuse 
Fully integrated ground circuit
120+ page manual full of color schematics, photos, and step-by-step instructions
Retail: $799.99
For more info contact: Andrew Erichsen, [email protected], 817-244-6212 ext:1010

Painless Performance asks..How often have you seen advertisements for wiring harnesses promising, "21-circuit kit for the low, low price of...?" What do you get for that low price? 21 circuits and yards of colored wire? Is that all you need, and exactly what makes up a proper wiring harness, anyhow? Well, it's a lot more than just circuits and wire. A wiring harness is, first and foremost, engineering. At Painless, all of our harnesses are designed by real engineers using the latest in diagnostic equipment and AutoCAD to ensure consistency in manufacturing and an accurate and easy installation. If you're looking for superior quality, engineering and craftsmanship, Painless is your only sensible choice. Painless has remained the leader in automotive wiring and electrical products for over twenty years through engineering and innovation, not corner cutting and imitation.

Painless Performance
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