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Peel-N-Stick Weatherstripping for your Car

Your Rubber Parts & Weatherstripping Complete Solution

Peel-N-Stick weatherstripping 

Our exclusive Peel-N-Stick weatherstripping can be used just about any place on your vehicle. With our easy-to-use peel-n-stick adhesive backing, simply cut-to-size and fit to the areas that need to be sealed. These general use parts are made from the same quality rubber found in all of our parts.

Available Peel-N-Stick Parts:

Multi-Purpose Strips


Roof Rails

Beltline Strips




Steele Rubber: With so many choices in automotive restoration parts, how can you be sure you are getting the best quality parts for your car, truck or street rod? The answer is simple, you deserve a “Complete Solution” when purchasing rubber parts and weatherstripping. There are companies that can provide you with parts, but only Steele Rubber Products provides the combination of Parts, Service and Knowledge you expect from an industry leader.

Steele Rubber
Denver, NC