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Performance Injection Intake Manifolds

Professional Products Intake Manifolds

All our intake manifolds incorporate many new features not found in competitive models. Some of today's most popular manifolds were designed 30 years ago and the makers have never bothered to update the tooling to include many of the new features desired by performance enthusiasts. We engineered those features into our manifolds.

Free Bonus
Many manifolds include a FREE intake gasket set or stainless manifold bolts with your manifold order.



Performance Injection Performance Injection offers a wide range of performance products with fuel injection systems being the main specialty. Our company goal is to provide quality products at affordable prices with a personalized touch not always found with larger companies. While the company is relatively new, it is backed by many, many years of experience in the performance industry, primarily on the manufacturing side. The man behind Performance Injection, Jim Davis, got started in the performance industry publishing two magazines; Stock Car Racing and Super Stock & Drag Illustrated. He was president of B&M Performance and Racing for 18 years. Then he was president of Russell Performance Products. After Russell he co-founded Professional Products where he was Chief Operating Officer, a position he held for 15 years.


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