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Peter Stanley’s 1930 Ford A Coupe

Peter Stanley’s 1930 Ford A Coupe


Peter Stanley’s sunset-orange hot rod is a testament of what you can do with a scalpel rather than a sledgehammer, but don’t assume it is a “trailer queen,” for it can tear up any stretch of tarmac with a little encouragement from the throttle. The 1930 Ford Model A Coupe is a piece of automotive jewelry and a joy not only to gaze at, but also to ride.


Where and when did you purchase this car?

I purchased this car from Wayne Morgan, a consignment dealer in Winchester, Ontario.           

What is the story behind purchasing this car?

When I purchased my 1940 Mercury in 1972, I had wanted to buy a 1930 Model A Coupe; however, the smaller car would not work with a family so I waited.   

Why this particular car?

Having always wanted the smaller Coupe, I was happy to have been able to buy it and totally rebuild it using modern technology so that I can turn the key and enjoy it whenever I choose.                  

What condition was it in when you purchased it?

The car was in its original condition when I bought it. The last time it was licensed for the road was in 1959. 

What engine does it now have?

The car has been completely modified since I bought it. I had a tube frame built for it and installed a super-ride front suspension. It has a four bar coil over rear suspension with a Chevy S 10 rear axle. The engine is a 5.7 L tuned port fuel

injected  with a 700 R 4 overdrive transmission.           

How long did it take you to restore it? Who helped you?

I started the rebuild of the car in my shop in Montreal. This took a while as I was constantly on the road. When I finally put my mind to it, with the help of a friend of mine. it didn’t take long to complete. Marc Caron did the body work and paint.

Have you repainted it? Why that particular colour? Was it the original colour?      

We painted the cat House of Colors Tangelo Pearl. The color is quite bright and stands out when driving it down the road.     

Is the car easy to drive?

The car is extremely reliable and I have put on approximately 12,000 miles since completing it. The car  is just a dream to drive.      

Has it won any prizes?

Since completing the car it has won several awards; however, I do not go looking for these trophys or awards. The satisfaction I get is from building the car from scratch and the enjoyment I get cruising down the highway.

Do you own or have you restored other collectible cars? If so, what are they?

I have restored other cars in the past. A few that I still own are a 1955 Chevy Nomad, 1965 Corvette roadster and a 1940 Mercury coupe.       


What do you intend to do with this car?

The 1930 Ford Model A will probably be left to my daughter when I am finished enjoying it.      

In your opinion, what is the future of hot rods/classic cars?        

I think there will always be an interest in collecting the old cars, but not to the same extent as the Baby Boomers. We are reliving our youth. The next generation will be doing the same thing, albeit with different cars. The ones they grew up admiring.