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Peter Starr - Motorcycle Traveler Book Signing

Rain and cold was no match to the warmth show by those in attendance at the Peter Starr book signing on February 6. Held at Superbike Corse in Laguna Hills California, fifty plus were there to meet and greet the award-winning documentary filmmaker, author and motorcyclist. The occasion was to hear about the stories in his new book “Motorcycle Traveler” and the opportunity to purchase an autographed copy.

Superbike Corse is an upscale Motorcycle Performance Shop whose mission statement is: Whether you're looking to improve the handling and reliability of your street bike or take it to the track, we are here to help you. Owned and operated by AMA #250 AFM F2 Champion James Henderson, his cliental know the real thing and spare no expense in owing it.

Peter Starr and I have been friends for decades Henderson told me. I am very honored when he shares these new releases with us. Alway special, Peter relays the experience of how a book was written just as masterfully as when he’s making movies. James Henderson was of course referring to Starr’s most famous feature film “Take it to the Limit” that received Gold and Silver Awards at the International Film Festivals in Chicago and Houston.

There is no doubt that Peter Starr has the gift of communication and gab. It's a good thing. Factual, entertaining, suspenseful, his British version of English makes adventures come to life like a Grimms’ Fairy Tale. We talked at length about his career as “The Worlds Fastest Limo Driver” Mike Hughes drove us to the book-signing event.

Born in Coventry, England, on Nov. 2, 1942, Starr moved to the United States in the 1960s. An avid motorcycle rider and racer Starr’s first film, “Bad Rock,” was about an ISDE qualifier race in Oregon. Since then he has been honored with fourteen major international film making awards, produced and directed over 40 films and more than 50 television specials about motorcycling.

Motorcycle Traveler took six years to write and documents Peter Starr’s adventures in the 12 countries he rode in during that time. Over pizza and drink the Superbike Corse showroom filled as the crowd listened. Telling tales of life and the new book the hours passed as more details were shared. Concluding Starr asked for questions and got a bunch about the where, who and why of his adventure.

Most in attendance purchased a book (or more) and the line to have it signed was a long one. The crowd was thrilled when racing superstars Sammy Tanner, Don Emde, Walt Fulton and Jody Nicholas joined the autograph session. All four lifelong friends and associates, Sammy, Don, Walt and Jody were there to support Starr and pick up their own copy of his new book.

A long night of handshakes, friends and fun ended way to soon as the night concluded. All left with smiles and satisfaction.

I really like it here but I’m going to move out of California Peter Starr told me as Mike Hughes drove the us back home in the limo. "Don’t know where I’m going yet but can say for sure it will be here in the states. I fancy Georgia cause I have friends and business colleagues” there he continued. “Regardless of the location it will have to be motorcycle friendly cause I don’t own a car or want one”. Now that my friends is true two-wheel dedication.

All true or just words? Guess we’ll just have to wait for the next book to see how this adventure continues.

Thanks for listening.

Harald “Howie” Zechner