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Plenum Party

Quiet Ride Solutions cleared the decks this week with a “Plenum Party.”  What’s a plenum?  The final distribution port for the HVAC system that distributes the hot and cold air across the front of the vehicle.  QuietRIDE makes heater plenums for the 1949 through 1957 Ford, Mercury and Thunderbird cars as well as the mid-1960s Fairlane and Flacons cars. The company also makes HVAC defroster ducts and plenums for selected Cadillac cars and B Model Mack trucks.  Teneg Herr puts together a batch of 1952-54 Ford Heater Plenums while Javier Romo does the finish grinding on a Mack B Model Defroster Duct.


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QuietRide Solutions manufactures two products for over 1,000 vehicles. AcoustiShield is a multi-stage, automotive insulation and sound damping system to give older Cars and Trucks the “quiet riding comfort” found in today’s new vehicles coming off automotive assembly lines. AcoustiShield kits are based on “state-of-the-art” automotive thermal-acoustic technology, to insulate and control the noise, vibration and heat in the passenger cabin. All kits include pre-cut, ready to install Dynamat Damper pads and HeatShield insulation panels. Patterns are based on OEM vehicles and are easily modified to accommodate changes for custom applications. AcoustiShield Auto Insulation will Reduce Road Noise, Exhaust Harmonics, Mechanical Noise, Body Panel Vibration, Radiated and Reflected Heat, Audio System Vibration The firewall insulator, the first line of defense against engine noise and heat, is typically found under the dash in the passenger cabin. QuietRide firewalls are year make and model specific and are molded to fit the engine setback and firewall contours—like a glove. More than 600 firewalls are available for antique, classic, custom and street rod cars and trucks. Firewalls are available with holes punched for restoration or with no holes for a custom application.

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