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Pomona Mecum Auction Results

Now, I admit it. I'm a Mecum Auction fan. I've been to several and always find it an outstanding experience. I like the cars, enjoy the people, thrive on the excitement and envy the purchases. In my mind, these events are time machines that transport you back to an era when the automobile meant power, style, youth, freedom, rebellion and more.


Words & Photos: Howie Zechner


As I arrived at the Fairplex in Pomona, Calif., the place was buzzing. Free trams roamed the parking lot and quickly shuttled people to any of the seven buildings where cars were on display. Although touching is discouraged, there are no barriers between you and the vehicles. Many are unlocked, with the hood up and windows down so you can really look them over.



Building 4 was where the auction happens. As in the other buildings, rows of pristine automobiles and pickups of every shape and color lined well-defined walkways. Venders sold food, merchandise and services. A state-of-the-art video racecar driving station with hydraulic body roll simulation was popular with the young and daring. Naturally there was a bar for the grown-ups.



An entire section was devoted to "Road Art.” This included over 200 antique signs, toys, neon lighting, gas pumps and full size Elvis and Blues Brothers figures. A vintage arcade ride and Coca-Cola dinner setup were also up for sale.



In the center of the building, bleachers filled with sellers, buyers and look-y-loo's overlooked a long vehicle runway and auction block. One by one, cars were rolled onto the stage. Giant video screens showed close-ups of the vehicles, their assigned lot number and current bid amount. An auctioneer gave each car's history and relayed the ever-increasing auction dollar amounts. “I have XXX thousand, do I hear XXXX," he would yell as buyers upped their offers. Some cars sold for very large numbers, so the excitement was as contagious as at a Las Vegas Casino.



Naturally, the event is televised. Mecum Auction actually has its own NBC Sports cable show that draws a worldwide audience. Viewers like those in attendance are mesmerized with the cars and prices.  Check it out for yourself at



On the far end of building 4 you come to the business end, where sellers, buyers and Mecum personnel arrange payment, title transfers, insurance and shipping if needed. Every aspect is handled to satisfy everyone involved.



So what happens to the cars when they leave the auction block? At Pomona, they went back to where they started, in buildings 5, 6 7, 8, 9, or 10. The ones purchased had a sold sticker while those that failed to meet the sellers' minimum prices had the final auction bid posted on them. Interested buyers can increase those final bid amounts and Mecum personnel will relay it to the sellers so possible deals can be struck.



Spectator, buyer or seller, participating in a Mecum Auction is as magical as Dorothy entering into Oz. In this first ever at The Los Angeles Fairplex in Pomona, Calif., it translated into the sale of 283 vehicles, 116 pieces of Road Art and $9.3 million dollars. Like the young lady with the Ruby Slippers said, "Just follow the yellow brick road." The sounds and sights will blow you away.



More information about Mecum auctions can be found at: or on the Mecum Facebook page.

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