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July 12, 2005

1929 Ford Roadster Pickup Wins Goodguys/Eagle One Street Rod of the Year

Columbus, Ohio - Retired electrical contractor Royce Glader of Fort Collins, Colorado brought home the 2005 Goodguys/Eagle One Street Rod of the Year award with his 1929 Ford roadster pickup named “Loaded”. Glader received the prestigious award in front of a packed house, Saturday night, July 9th at the 8th Goodguys PPG Nationals at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus.

Glader’s story begins a few years back when he found a wildly exaggerated cartoon of a roadster pickup which left an almost obsessive, indelible impression. From that point on he embarked on a two year mission to bring the cartoon to life.
After much persistence, Glader conviced Eric Peratt of Pinkee’s Rod Shop that they could “Go after it” and pull off the unique build.
A Mock up was made in Glader’s basement using wooden 2 x 4’s, cardboard and other scrap materials. The 270-inch Dodge hemi motor was set in place during the mock up phase, and when everything looked right – they started fabrication.


For the frame, Art Morrison bent up some 2 x 4 tubing which Pinkee’s then fabricated to fit the car’s design elements. With the frame done they turned to the sheet metal fabrication process which included scratch-building the doors and floors. They took and completely modified a ’31 Brookville Roadster cab back. They also reworked a ’29 Model A cowl from Brookville to complete the body. A custom trunk made from patina copper was attached to the pickup bed.

The suspension required numerous brainstorming sessions with the Pinkee’s team which included Glader, Peratt and artist Christian Dotson. They came up with a dropped & drilled I Beam front axle w/hairpins & cantilevered springs. The rear suspension ended up being comprised of ¼ elliptical springs with drilled I Beam links.

Colorado Custom made the one off 19 x 3 ½” front and 19 x 5”wheels which are pattered after a 30’s racecar design.

450/19 series Coker tires adorn the front wheels while a taller 750/19 tire wraps the rear wheels. For exterior paint the team arrived at a color they lovingly refer to as “beer bottle” which was a custom PPG blend mixed by Mark Warrick at Amarillo, Texas’ Soncy Road body shop.

What really sets Glader’s roadster apart is the amount of milled hand fabricated bracketry and chrome plating courtesy of Sherm’s plating in Sacramento. The seat supports, all hinges, the bed side supports and countless other hand made pieces are drilled with circular patterns tying the radical roadster together and setting it apart from anything the hot rodding world has ever seen.
The minimalist, race car inspired interior features handmade metal bucket seats with a mahogany and maple wood grain floor. P Jay’s upholstery of Denver stitched brown natural grain leather which beautifully accents the beer bottle paint. One of the signature trademark’s of the low brow roadster is the Classic Instruments speedometer and gauge package. The 1951 Ford speedometer was recessed into ’39 Chevy headlight bucket with a lathe-milled bezel.

When he sits back and guesses at how many man hours were required to complete the build, Glader jokes “At least 10,000 crammed into 18 months.


But we took a lot of pride in the quality of our craftsmanship. In a world of cheap and cheaper, our hot rodding world is one of the last bastions of American craftsmanship. In hot rodding quality still counts more than anything. Pride in a quality finished product counts way more than profit.” One look at the finished masterpiece and you’d have to agree with him!

Their efforts have paid huge dividends. So far in 2005 the “loaded” roadster has brought home the Chip Foose Award of Design Excellence at the Grand National Roadster show, the big $20,000 grander at Darryl Starbird’s Tulsa show, the CASI Cup at the Detroit Autorama, the Washington Cup at the Spokane Auto Speed & Boat show and to top off the season, the coveted Goodguys/Eagle One Street Rod of the Year.

2005 Street Rod of the Year – a Closer Look
Royce Glader, Fort Collins, Colorado – 1929 Ford Roadster Pickup

270 inch Dodge Hemi w/3 stromberg’s
Handmade headers

Handmade ’29 Ford Roadster Pick Up – Pinkee’s Rod Shop
Mod’s: Countless
Paint: PPG
Steering Wheel: Handmade
Gauges: 51 Ford/Classic Instruments
Seats: Handmade Aluminum
Upholstery: All Leather

Hand Fabricated/Art Morrison
Front Suspension: Dropped & Drilled I Bean w/hairpins & cantilevered springs
Rear Suspension: ¼ elliptical 4 bar
Steering: Schroeder
Brakes: 40 Ford
Wheels: One off Colorado Custom 19-inch
Tires: Coker

B & M Shifter (way high in the sky)
Dutchman Quickchange

Goodguys/Eagle One 2005 Street Rod of the Year Top Five Finalists
Royce Glader, Fort Collins, CO – 1929 Ford Roadster P/U
Gai Wilson, Louisville, TN – 1932 Ford Roadster
Paul & Eric Hansen, Discovery Bay, CA – 1932 Ford Roadster
John Hall, Saginaw, MI – 1932 Ford 4 door sedan
Steve Legens, Martin, TN – 1933 Ford Coupe


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