Date: July 7, 2005
Location: Anaheim, CA


Nordskog Performance Products of Oxnard California is proud to introduce a new high performance instrument to the market. The 2 5/8 GPS Satellite Speedometer has 160 MPH with Trip meter, Odometer and High Speed Recall.

GPS Speedo w Odometersm

Using the Global Positioning System the Speedometer is designed to display extremely accurate speeds without the use of cables or senders from the transmission. This Speedometer is accurate regardless of tire size, axle ratio, or transmission, and never needs to be calibrated since it uses satellites to determine your speed. The Nordskog Speedometer is a plug and play installation and does not require any fee based service for operation.

The GPS Speedometer features odometer, stepper motor driven needle, blue LED back light, microprocessor controls and even a high speed recall feature. All of these features add up to an incredibly durable and accurate instrument.

The 2 5/8 Analog Speedometer comes complete with instrument, receiver and recall switch. Installation is simple with just three wires to connect. Like all Nordskog Performance Products, it is Made in the USA and carries a lifetime warranty.

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