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January 12, 2006


Austin, TX – January 12, 2006 – The Little Trailer Company has partnered with B and B Manufacturing of Granby, MO to build the company’s line of fiberglass street rod trailers. B and B is well known in the street rod community for producing high quality fiberglass car kits in their 25,000 square foot facility. The two companies will market and sell both product lines.

After meeting with several potential fabrication firms, Little Trailer Company owner, Craig Cunningham listed several reasons for selecting B and B. “The quality workmanship done by Bryan Anderson and Barry McGill, owners of B and B, was far above anything else we looked at. The attention to detail and dedication of the entire staff to producing the best rolling stock at reasonable prices, made B and B the obvious choice”, according to Cunningham.


Building the four styles of street rod trailers offered by The Little Trailer Company is a natural fit with the cars that B and B manufactures. The matching ’34 Coupe trailer makes the ultimate accessory for B and B’s ’34 Coupe kit, which is offered with a variety of build options.


“We look forward to working with Craig in producing the trailers”, says Bryan Anderson, “it adds value to both our businesses. His customers can be assured their trailer will be built to the highest standards and we can offer our clients a unique combination not readily available elsewhere.“


Street rod owners may choose from the four classic trailer styles, ’34 Coupe, ’39 Coupe, Sedan Delivery™, Convertible or two streamlined models, offered by The Little Trailer Company to accentuate the look of their own cars.

The trailers provide extra cargo space for luggage, allowing the family to travel in greater comfort. The retro look of the trailers also enhances the show quality of their car.

The Little Trailer Company manufactures and sells a variety of small cargo trailers popular with street rodders, with body styles inspired by the classic cars of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Trailer kits are supplied as unfinished rolling stock to be wired for taillights and painted to match the owner’s preferences. For more information contact Craig Cunningham at (866) 853-1352 Toll Free or visit the company web site at

B&B Manufacturing is at 9940 Raccoon Road, Granby, Missouri 64844, PHONE: (417) 472-3547, FAX: (417) 472-6668


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