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Missing ‘32 Ford Hot Rods

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THE 75 Most Significant ’32 Ford Hot Rods

Cars to be Gathered in ’07 to Honor 75th Anniversaryof Legendary
Car and Innovative Engine

Where are these cars?

Boyce Asquith


Roadster – No street rod, this is a hot rod. Street legal but did 9 seconds/156 mph in the quarter mile. B&M blown. Built by Hanson & Magoo. Immaculate yellow killer. Where is this car?

Balchowsky /Vogel


Roadster – Hop Up cover car. Body work by Jimmy Summers. Began road racing in ’52, competing against European sports cars. Channeled with v-windshield, modified grille. Ran LaSalle flathead, Olds, Cad & Buick engines. Missing.

Bill Breece


3-window – Hot Rod cover, Aug. ’56. Chopped, purple. Driven from Ohio to ’55 drags. Raced, shown. Won Motorama. Dash striped by Von Dutch. Great car, great story. Missing. FOUND

Banker Bros.


3-window – Featured in ’61 HRM. Full-fendered. Missing.

Lil’ John Buttera


3-window – Launched the hi-tech movement, exemplifies the beginning of the trend for smooth lines and exotic chassis. Lots of innovations – billet, smooth, independent front and rear suspension. Where is this car?  FOUND

Pete Chapouris


“Limefire” Roadster –Contemporary take on ’60s era car – pearl green w/orange flames, outside headers. Innovative. Cover of HRM and R&C. Drag raced, street driven, fast, 495 h.p. “Any parachute-equipped car works for me, and this one is a genuine 10-second car.” Where is it now?

Roy Desbrow


Pick-up – Jan ’52 HRM cover. Missing.

Herbert /Gaskin


4-door – First famous (in cutaway) as Herbert’s 12-port Jimmy on propane, then as Gaskin’s Flathead V-8. Chopped, channeled, highboy, Dynoflow trans with hand controls (because Herbert had polio), Von Dutch striped “gremlins.” Lost?

Richard Graves

Phaeton – R&C cover in Dec. ’72 (“beater” issue). Memorable photo driving in the rain with three bikini-clad girls. What happened to this one?

Jackman Bros.


Sport Coupe – Chromed everything, clear plastic floor boards, eight full-length pipes from a Ford 312 Y-block, wild cherry paint, white tuck ‘n roll. Rare body style. HRM Aug. ’59 and April, ’62. Sweepstakes at ’61 Winternationals. Where is this car?

Jerry Kugel


Roadster – Bonneville – Also known as the “Holmes /Kugel” car. Red highboy Bonneville racer. Was originally a 5-window owned by Marland Sefton. Where is it?

Gary Kessler



Roadster – Highboy. Great Midwest example from the early ‘70s. Missing.

Dave Marquez


Roadster – HRM cover car. First lift-off body. Day-glow scallops, all chrome, well-detailed. Ardun-powered. “Best Appearing” at ’55 NHRA Nats. Motor Monarchs club. Has it survived?

Veda Orr


Roadster – First female lakes racer. Great hot rodder. She and husband Karl were S.C.T.A. pioneers. What happened to this car?

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