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February 25, 2009 Update



A Hotrod Full Feature Film By Faith Granger

POSTER emaial

DEUCE OF SPADES - the plot
Comparing DEUCE OF SPADES to AMERICAN GRAFFITI would be like comparing apple and oranges. Both are hot rod movies but beyond that they have almost nothing in common. DEUCE OF SPADES promises to tug hard at your heart strings. It is a drama, and while AG was a "feel good" kinda movie, DOS is a "feel deeply" kind of film. The story is inspiring, with an uplifting message, and the film has a great range and lots of dynamics. It will make you laugh. It will make you think. It will make you Dream... It will make you cry. It is my hope that you will wake up the next day feeling a bit "different" because you watched it... And find yourself still thinking about it...
A modern day hotrod girl owns a 32 roadster of unknown origins. In it, she accidentally find a letter, dating back to 1955. From "Johnny to Bettie". Sealed, stamped and containing one golden ring on a chain. Ready to go, but never mailed

. She is left with nothing but questions: Who is this mysterious man, how is he linked to her hotrod and most importantly, why did he not mail this very important letter? The girl will stop at nothing to find out the truth. As she investigates the history of her deuce, we start seeing flashbacks and a man slowly emerges from the past: JOHNNY CALLAWAY, a young hotrodder from the fifties... But will learning the truth make a difference and can a broken man ever get a second chance at a happiness long forgotten?
Fast hot rods, cool cats, gravity defying swing dancing and rocking retro music all serve as a colorful backdrop to this heartfelt, inspiring story.

In my next update I will talk a bit more about the research that went into making this period film as accurate as we could (on a no budget).

Scenes from the movie

faith 1a

Two 1955 scenes take place at the Saugus Dragstrip, which had to be recreated from scratch

faith 2a

This period correct 29 roadster will become one of the main cars in the film


A period correct gas station is donated for the film


Johnny Callaway engages in a "little competition" on a county road with OHIO Cam Jammer "Zip".

 Visit the official film website at www.deuceofspadesmovie.com . Want to help me in this worthy endeavor? Please tell everyone you know about this hotrod film. Thank you for your support!

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