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March 11, 2009 Update



A Hotrod Full Feature Film By Faith Granger

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When I set out to make DEUCE OF SPADES, I knew what I wanted and I also knew what I did not want. I knew I didn't want to make yet another "caricature" film of the fifties era. I didn't want to make another "Grease". I didn't want poodle skirts, big pompadours, big sideburns and "fifties" greasers combing their hair every two minutes. No. What I wanted was to bring the early fiftie's hotrod era to LIFE. Like it really was, not like Hollywood tries to make it look.

To achieve that goal, I went back to the source. With the help of Jim Miller (curator for the American Hotrod foundation), who is a wealth of knowledge, I was able to get a hold of original home footage of dragstrips and dry lake racing from the early fifties. Also, many magazines from 1953 to 1955, especially vintage HOTROD magazine were closely examined. Each photo was dissected, so to absorb every little details that would help me paint a picture as close to reality as it could get. I looked at cars, hair styles, clothes, shoes, watches, furniture, streets... I spent two years, (many

hundreds of hours) taking in what remains (and I think we all agree on this) America's golden era.
But that was still not enough for me. I wanted to talk to the people who had LIVED IT ALL. Our "Ol' timers". After all, this movie is my tribute to them and to hotrodding. So I went out and found old timers, many old timers, and picked their brains until there was nothing left. Leaving no stone unturned. Every little details in my film had to match. When depicting the SAUGUS dragstrip, I looked at photos, I studied what the surrounding area, vegetation, hills, layout was... I then talked to people who raced there. Heard their stories. I even went as far as asking them what color the FLAG was. And matched it in my film.
That's how dedicated I am to making DEUCE OF SPADES one of the most period correct, and hotrod accurate, film to date.

Working with no funds to speak of made it very challenging to achieve absolute period correctness and the purists may find some things, here and there, that are not 100% correct, and hopefully they will understand that it was not for the lack of wanting, nor trying, but rather for the lack of funds / budget. For example, it was a miracle that I was able to find an airstrip to use for an entire day FREE OF CHARGE. Beggars can't be choosers and that airstrip ground color does not match that of Saugus. However, it is located but a few miles of Saugus and as a result, the surrounding hills and vegetation match to a T. All in all, we did well.

Yes, I worked very hard to make a film that would be TRUE TO THE ERA. So today, when I see old timers watch my trailers and say: "My God, you brought my youth back" or even " You are Spot on! You nailed it!" it makes me so very very happy. Some of them had tears in their eyes. All this hard work was not in vain and has paid off. I truly feel that I am leaving something worthy behind.
Expect to see no sideburns, clean cuts, 501's rolled a little too high, leather shoes, penny loafer, plaid shirts, saddle shoes, pony tails, scarfs, white cover alls, Coca Cola glass bottles and needless to say, lots and lots of period correct hotrods and stock cars. Complete with the right license plates and period correct tags.
Enjoy! In my next update I will talk about some of our period correct sets and locations.

 Visit the official film website at www.deuceofspadesmovie.com . Want to help me in this worthy endeavor? Please tell everyone you know about this hotrod film. Thank you for your support!

Below: Iconic moments of hotrodding get incorporated into the film and brought back to life, with a new twist.


This 1929 hotrod, driven by TONI CROSCIATO "FRESNO", Johnny's antagonist, is a real 1950's hotrod and still sporting most of its original parts.


World Champions Lindy Hoppers get dressed in full 50's getups, for an authentic look, and showcase their cool moves for the film.


Bringing the SAUGUS dragstrip back to life for one day was a challenge but was also our most memorable shoot to date. Over 100 people became involved to help make this scene happen


Iconic moments of hotrodding get incorporated into the film and brought back to life, with a new twist.


JOHNNY CALLAWAY, the legend, and his deuce

Here is the newest teaser from the movie

DEUCE OF SPADES - An exclusive interview with actor JORDAN WARREN from Faith Granger on Vimeo

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